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The Hardest Stains And How To Take Them Out!

Discovering those pesky spots on your furniture or finding them nestled in your clothes is never a good time. It becomes even less enjoyable when these stains turn out to be the tough type, demanding special tactics or an extra splash of time and elbow grease for their removal.

For instances when the usual soap just won’t help, we’ve got battle-tested techniques to make those stains disappear without struggling!

Before diving in

You should know that water temperature plays an important role—it might either sabotage the removal process or wreak havoc on the surface you’re dealing with.

For example, with delicate materials like satin, silk, wool, or even wood, you should not use hot water as it could damage them. Also, warm and hot water has to be avoided when dealing with organic stains, as they could get set permanently (especially on fabrics).

Pro-tip: Always check the label if you have doubts about a specific type of fabric.

Organic stains

Knowing how to tackle organic stains comes in handy, especially for pet owners dealing with the aftermath of urine, feces, and vomit episodes, for instance.

The best way to deal with these stains is with an enzymatic cleaner. These special products deploy friendly bacteria that essentially devour the stains. Just apply it directly to the spot, following the label’s guidance—but remember, warm and hot water are definite no-nos!

Pro-tip: For bloodstains, make sure your cleaner includes proteases (check the label).

Red wine

A nice evening with a glass of wine can get muddled if you happen to be a victim of a spill. Act quick to take it out effectively and follow this method:

Make the perfect cleaner with one part hydrogen peroxide and two parts water. Then, generously apply this mixture to the stain and leave it alone for three minutes. Immediately after, toss the fabric into the washing machine with cold water and the same soap.

No washing machine around (or dealing with an item that can’t be thrown there)? No sweat. Apply the hydrogen peroxide blend directly, wait three minutes, give the stain a tender massage, and rinse with cold water.

Tomato sauce

Tackling tomato sauce stains is hard due to its chemical components. Here’s the rule number one when you spot one: Grab a spoon or dinner knife and scrape off as much excess as you can.

Next, mix equal parts of baking soda and salt and add a little bit of water to form a thick paste. Apply the paste on the stain and wash by hand with cold water. Finally, throw the item into the washing machine to launder it.

Pro-tip: Use enzymatic detergent in your laundry for better results.

Grass or plant stains

Chlorophyll in plants is the thing that makes them green and also the thing that makes these stains stubborn. Create a cleaner against it by mixing one part baking soda and hydrogen peroxide with three parts warm water.

Apply your DIY cleaner to the stained area and let it there for about ten minutes, then either hand wash or let it take a spin in the machine with your regular detergent.

Paint and ink

These products are designed to stick around for good, making their removal a bit of a hassle. The trick is to pounce on them pronto when you spot one.

Tackle them by gently massaging isopropyl alcohol with a clean cloth and working it into the stain. If it’s a big stain, start from the outer edges and work your way to the center to prevent it from spreading more.

Finally, rinse with cold water and repeat if necessary.

Pro-tip: If possible, toss the item in the washing machine with a heavy-duty detergent.

What if the stain plays hard to get?

In the stain-removal department, speed is your ally. Even seemingly simple stains can morph into stubborn foes over time, resisting your most determined scrubbing efforts.

If you’re grappling with these tenacious stains, don’t go all in. Too much elbow grease can cause harm to the fabric or surface you’re trying to clean.

Let us be your stain-fighting ally!

Stubborn stains can add an extra layer of tedious to your daily cleaning schedule. That’s why at Cleaners Joy, we offer a variety of packages to tackle all your cleaning needs. Get an instant quote today and leave your home’s cleanliness in our hands!

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